Das Racist – Rappin’ 2U (2010)


Juste dessous, une version live, un peu feignasse et déglingue. Voir la vidéo suivante pour le “vrai” titre.
Les paroles et le flow sont géniaux (voir lyrics plus bas).

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Lyrics: Das Racist – Rappin’ 2u

Whadup Whadup Whadup
Sit Down, Man! Sha-leik! DR
Whatitat Whatitat Whatitat
Time to do a rap

Hello Young Cocoa Butter, who is you?
White people love me like they love Subarus
Rolling with the super crew, something like Scooby-Doo
My eyes droopy? Mami that’s what doobies do
Kalidasa, but across the Kalapani
Probably with a Khalistani mommy high as I’ll be
Das Racist on a roll like wasabi
I don’t know what these two are, I’m Punjabi
More cash mommy than Mukesh Ambani
And Anil Ambani, yeah that’s real Armani
Yeah that’s Lanvin, you call it Lanven
You call it “bro-in down”, I call it “lampin”
I’m from Flushing, bright as a lamp man
That’s in Queens like MC Cool Fashion
You can Google that, he’s down with the Beatnuts
We got the net wet tryna get the street buck
See Dap, that’s my fucking mans and shit
White boy wasted, let me write a stanza quick
Matter fact, yo, all my boys in bands and shit
Haters mad cause they got Costanza dicks
You know, like the show, Seinfeld
Michael Richards made my fucking mind melt
Cop a bundle of Rapunzel
Do what thugs do we just hustle, LATM, BBT, MTV, BET
They called us joke rap, we kinda weed rap
We just like rap, we don’t even need rap
Could get a real job, only rap weekly
I don’t need rap, told you, rap need me!
Indian style, knees bent, in dashiki
Your girl’s sext means she wanna get freaky
She beeped me, meet me at twelve
Hit it in the shower cause it’s hot as hell
My fans broken, I don’t got an AC
Say I got potential, but the kid lazy

Stock is rising wait don’t scalp the tickets yet
Older white women say I’m very articulate
Young Obama mommy, but not Illuminati
Yet, they’re tryna gauge if i’m tame enough to be their commie pet
I’m watching Gandhi til I’m charged and eating banh mi
Like they was Cars and I was Blondie
We are not the same, I’m Alf swinging a salami
At any prom queens that want me
Probably even Nicki Minaj would massage me
If I got a fade and trim my beard like I was John B
Nice finna eat more rice than Condi
Nasty, see me grace the pages of your favorite Conde Nast Publication
They asked me all about my views on relations of races
And cut out the radical shit for space, that’s racist
I’m in outer space reading Frankfurt School treatises
That curl the common man into fetuses
Nietzsche told me that the nostril’s where the genius is
Bossy just saucing like its falafel where my penis is
Soap ’em with Falafel like O’Reilly thought a Loofah was
Hitting they chalupa up
First I get real smart, and then I stupid up
Drop it and scoop it up, haters is dookie butts
Groupies is cooky, nuts, see me voice acting
In Space Chimps wasted like my man Stanley Tucci does
I’m truthy blood fishes get mad at me the kid is a whale
In there like a triple-A battery up in the digital scale
In the kitchen with the coca-cola corporation kicking it with me
Pepsi Co. too
The kid is a Brit me, the brother’s a jitney
And other’s is with me
Even if I was a tree you couldn’t flip me
Don’t ask what it means just kiss me, chick please, check please

You, we’re rapping to you my friend and only you
To you! So don’t ever say we never did nothing for you

Sexy Lexi, ask what the address be
Press be makin’ a face Dizzy Gillespie
Applause, pause, hand me my ESPY
Grammy, I’m Leslie Nielsen, you know I’m chillin’
Float like a butterfly come on sugar baby
On my shoulders, 7 million, sugar babies
Float away on my good looks and charm
Dick like, hot like, baby arm, chicken parm
Release the peace keeper
Chief the peach shisha
Smokin’ peace pipe ride ‘em cowboy see ya!
My chuckie cheese are bucks
My EBTs are cardies, my 18 wheelers trucks
Call up my Nelly parties
Call up my deli starving
What you mean my moneys no good here
Why — because I made it? Bitch you know I made it


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